This introductory program provides the audience with an opportunity to interact with REAL dinosaur bones! Dino Bo will teach kids about some of the most well-known dinosaurs: T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, and more. After the presentation, there is an opportunity to touch and explore REAL dinosaur fossils!

Carnivores vs. Herbivores

In this interactive program, Dino Bo teaches children how carnivores hunted and how herbivores kept from becoming a meal. Utilizing crowd participation and fun props, various scenarios found in the fossil record are acted out. Kids enjoy learning how their favorite dinosaurs defended themselves from hungry carnivores! After the presentation, children are invited to examine real dinosaur fossils from several of the dinosaurs discussed.

Texas in the Cretaceous

Ever wonder what life was like in Texas during the time of the dinosaurs? In this highly educational program, Dino Bo will teach students about what kinds of dinosaurs walked (and swam) right here in Texas! Dino Bo also encourages and offers tips for kids to go out and fossil hunt for themselves! After the presentation, Dino Bo lets kids examine real fossils from Texas dinosaurs.

Dinos of the World Pop-Up Museum

Dinos of the World is a Pop-Up Museum designed for set up at come and go events such as library science nights, fall festivals, school STEM nights, book fairs, or as a booth at any type of community event. This mobile mini museum consists mostly of teeth from dinosaurs from nearly every continent on the planet. Several of these rare fossils can’t be seen in any other museum in the United States. This is a true one of a kind experience that will show you fossils from dinosaurs you never knew existed! And true to the Dino Bo belief of providing hands on learning opportunites for kids, there are bones and other fossils that kids will be able to touch!


Shark Bo

Learn about how amazing and incredible these misunderstood creatures are with Shark Bo. Please click here to go to the Shark Bo page.

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   Astro Bo

Gravity, the solar system, meteorites and more! Please click here to go to the Astro Bo page.

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