Dino Bo is a traveling educator who serves North Texas (and BEYOND) by bringing science to life by letting kids touch and explore both replica and REAL dinosaur fossils!

As a teacher who has taught at high school, middle school, elementary, and pre-school levels, talking to and educating young minds is both my job and my passion. I served as Co-Chairman of Education for the Dallas Paleontological Society and I love dinosaurs and being able to teach and talk about them.

I started my program after taking my own children to a museum. My kids and I beelined straight to the dinosaur exhibit. After a while I noticed that there was something lacking. I soon realized what the problem was: everything was behind an inch of glass or roped-off and 30 feet away. My kids seemed to have more fun handling and exploring our own fossils at home.

And so, Dino Bo was born. My mission is to bring dinosaurs to life for kids and adults alike. We discuss, learn, and explore these wondrous creatures that once roamed the planet. This is accomplished by allowing kids to get up close and personal with REAL dinosaur fossils. From Raptors, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Mosasaurus, and even Tyrannosaurus rex, I bring fossils that every kid (and even parent) will love and enjoy.

I currently have 4 program options available: Dinosaurs!, Dinos of the World, Texas in the Cretaceous, and Carnivores vs. Herbivores. 


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