Fossil Hunting


So you want to get outside and find your own treasures? Here are a few well known and accessible spots that you and the family can visit. One of the best ways to get on family accessible fossil hunts is through the Dallas Paleontoligcal Society. They have regular fossil hunts including some designed specifically for kids with the PIT Crew! 

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Mineral Wells Fossil Park

This location got its start as a collaboration between the Dallas Paleontological Society and the City of Mineral Wells. This place is a fossil hunters dream. You can’t take a step without stepping on a fossil. The fossils here are from the Pennsylvanian Period and are roughly 300 million years old! The park has a shaded area, close parking, and even a bathroom!

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Here is a short video I did on the park and what you will find there. 



Post Oak Creek

Located in Sherman, Texas, Post Oak Creek is a perect place to find shark teeth. The fossils found here are from the Cretaceous Period around 90 million years ago. At this time most of Texas was deep underwater from something called the Western Interior Seaway. The teeth are just lying in the gravel beds waiting to be picked up.

To get there type in Danny’s Paint and Body Shop into your GPS. The entrance to the creek is abouth 100 yards up on the same side of the road under the bridge. Park on the side of the road or for those with SUV there’s a little path that you can drive down and park near the trail. The entrance can be a little steep so be ready to help out little kids.

Here is a video I did on what to look for and how to hunt the creek.




North Sulphur River

This will only be on the list for a short while longer. Sadly a dam is being built and it will soon all be buried deep under Lake Ralph Hall. This is a wonderful spot to find Mosasaur vertebrae among other things. The finds here are much harder to come by and it’s not easy hunting, but the payoff tends to be much higher. The fossil park is being shifted around due to construction, for the most up to date information check out the Ladonia Fossil Park Facebook page.


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